New A/C Compressor and Condenser Kit for 2003-2005 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 5.9L Diesel


A complete a/c compressor kit including the a/c compressor, condenser, receiver drier, liquid line with orifice tube installed, o-ring kit, and appropriate system PAG oil.

NOTE: This kit is for vehicles with an aluminum transmission oil cooler ONLY.

SKU: KT 1416A

  • YearMakeModelTrimEngine
    2003DodgeRam 2500SLT5.9L Diesel
    2003DodgeRam 2500ST5.9L Diesel
    2003DodgeRam 2500Laramie5.9L Diesel
    2003DodgeRam 3500SLT5.9L Diesel
    2003DodgeRam 3500ST5.9L Diesel
    2003DodgeRam 3500Laramie5.9L Diesel
    2005DodgeRam 2500Laramie5.9L Diesel
    2005DodgeRam 3500SLT5.9L Diesel
    2005DodgeRam 3500ST5.9L Diesel
    2005DodgeRam 3500Laramie5.9L Diesel
    2004DodgeRam 2500SLT5.9L Diesel
    2004DodgeRam 2500ST5.9L Diesel
    2004DodgeRam 3500SLT5.9L Diesel
    2004DodgeRam 3500ST5.9L Diesel
    2004DodgeRam 3500Laramie5.9L Diesel
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